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Change the door seals on an ALL unit?

  1. Remove upper beauty panel. You will need a 7/16” socket, and you will find four bolts behind the beauty panel in each of the corners. 
  2. Raise the door and block it up 4”-6”.
  3. Lower the door down on the block and let the door fall forward so that it leans out from the front of the unit. (It will not fall the chains will hold it) 
  4. Using 2- 3/4” open-end wrenches loosen and remove the bottom nuts on both chains. You will need to hold pressure against the door pushing it towards the unit.
  5. Using a church cart lean the door on out and let it rest on the cart. Then pull away from unit. Remember the door weighs about 350 pounds.
  6. Pull the old rope gaskets out of the tracks. Check the welds that hold the gaskets they may need to be welded.
  7. Match up the right length new gasket with the right track. Using a hammer gently tap both ends of the gasket in the track and work your way to the center.
  8. Unbolt the bottom door seal using a 7/16” socket. (If any bolts break off drill and tap to 1/4-20, and replace with 1/4-20x3/4” hex head bolts.
  9. Bolt on new bottom door seal with the larger side of the gasket up so it faces the brick side of the door.
  10. Set the bottom of the door back on the blocks setting in the front of the unit.
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